Why Clearista?

Breakthrough Science

Our patented solution helps skin turn back the clock with a scientifically proven approach that’s never existed before.

At its core, Clearista works to re-texture the skin's outer surface. Our patented and clinically proven formula enables increased hydration and resurfacing upon application. So your patients can expect a reduction in the appearance of unsightly blemishes, roughness, and unevenness to reveal smoother, younger skin.


Gentle Resurfacing

As time passes, the skin’s renewal process becomes less efficient, leaving a thicker and more uneven surface. This leads to dullness, dryness, fine lines, raised dark spots, and a loss in resiliency.

The advanced formulation of Clearista is a complete skin re-texturizing cosmetic solution, which uses advanced biotechnology to specifically target problems at the skin’s surface. Clearista enables lasting benefits with results often thought to be achievable only with lasers, dermabrasion, and chemical peels.


Radiance, Renewal, Clarity

We turned to science to develop a clinically proven and patented formula so your patients can feel confident and beautiful in their skin’s most natural state. Resurface skin, lock in moisture, and give your patients the youthful glow of a Clearista-kissed complexion.