Clearista Retexturizing Gel

Your Beauty BFF in A Bottle

The Clearista gel is the first in our line of at-home skin resurfacing solutions. This patented gel enables the skin’s surface to lock in moisture while jump-starting the skin’s natural renewal processes. Think of it as your beauty BFF in a bottle.

A patented formulation of surfactants and stabilizers help to smooth skin and restore its natural glow—all without causing damage or irritation. The net effect is immediate and lasting (24-48 hours) of complete skin retexturizing without any redness or down time.

Since we’ve placed a premium on radiance, texture, evenness, and clarity, you can feel confident with the results you're patients will see with our gel. Experience the unprecedented skin softening and smoothing benefits thought to be achievable only with chemical peels and expensive lasers, while reducing the appearance of the following skin imperfections.

Help youR patients say goodbye to…


The 1-2 Punch for Better Skin

The Clearista Gel is a powerful and proven skin-resurfacing solution on its own. However, it works best when paired our Clearista Refining Pen® as it helps enhance results and maintain beautiful skin. Consider offering your patients the benefits of both the pen and gel together.