Clearista Refining Pen

A Pen Mightier than The Laser

Using Clearista yields immediate visible results without any redness or stinging. The pen enables gentle procedures that work only at the skin's surface to address unsightly skin blemishes. It’s a safe skincare option that requires no anesthesia and offers several benefits over old-school skincare treatments such as lasers, acids, liquid nitrogen and curettage. Our Clearista providers are trained specifically to addresses certain skin blemishes that may not be treatable at home.

The ClearistaPRO Refining Pen is a gentle yet effective alternative to conventional resurfacing methods. Lasers and peels can cause burning, itching and peeling, and results may take weeks to appear (and only after skin has fully healed and recovered). In addition, skin may become sensitive to sun exposure and touch with these medical treatments.  

And, unlike alternative treatments (think liquid nitrogen) with the ClearistaPRO Refining Pen patients won’t need to worry about white spots or loss of pigment on the treated area. Clearista is more effective in leaving your skin clearer and unaffected with little to no downtime.

As a Clearista Provider you'll help others experience the powerful combination of the pen and gel working together in tailor made facials and targeted brown spot treatments. Contact our team of beauty experts to learn more and get started with Clearista today.



The 1-2 Punch for Better Skin

The Clearista Pen is a powerful and proven skin-resurfacing tool on its own. However, it works best when paired our Clearista Retexturizing Gel as it helps enhance results and maintain beautiful skin. Consider offering your patients the benefits of both the pen and gel working together for radiant skin.